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From 1 August 2014, there are new rules allowing P plate drivers to drive a wider range of turbo, supercharged or V8 vehicles. That’s around an extra 6500 vehicle. 11.10.2016 · From 1 December, changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme for learner, P1 and P2 drivers will come into effect. There are two rafts of changes, one. 18.02.2014 · Obtaining your provisional licence is a big step and, in most cases, gives people the ability to drive a car wherever they like for the first time in their. Legal Aid NSW produces easy to understand resources to help people with their legal problem. All our publications can be viewed or ordered online. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, i am going for my full licence soon and was wondering what the test would be like. Did you study before you went for the test? · Number Plates Club · The club is the UK's biggest community for those with an interest in number plates and cherished car registrations. do you know i can,t seem to understand if you pass the L’s if i’m over 25 do I still have to wait 6months to go for P’s. And if I pass how long do I stay on red. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR; see also other names below) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle … Road Safety Plan 2021. A new road safety plan is being developed to meet targets to reduce deaths and serious injuries on NSW roads. You can help by providing input. Hi, Who have bought a new car recently? What price did you haggled for and the RRP. What was the make and model? Any freebies you got with it ie accessories. 25.05.2017 · Rated 5 out of 5 by Alberto from Every Mustang with a front plate needs this I ordered a 2015 GT and before it arrived I saw this Sto n. Remember: Legal use of mobile phones can also be distracting. Consider if it is important and the demands of the traffic before using your mobile. Looking for that perfect private number plate? There are just three simple steps to set you on the road to your new private registration! Use our user-friendly search. US import, professional conversion to chrome bumper, marque and RHD, dry climate car, absolutely rustless, original straight body, never pranged, overdrive, new. Repo Finder provides free repossessed bank cars for sale, bank repossessed cars, credit union repossessions, and ATV repo lists among other repo sales service lists. Performance Auto Inspections inspect your car, truck, trailer or motorcycle, issue a Certificate of Modification and Modification Plate (Modplate) for legal. CLASSIC CAR MARKETPLACE FREE listing for suitable cars - contact HOME. Vehicle descriptions are as per advice of … CarPlan offers everything needed to clean, detail and care for your car, inside and out. The #1 selling car care brand in the UK, Altrex is Australia’s Official. Example Domain. This domain is established to be used for illustrative examples in documents. You may use this domain in examples without prior coordination or … Climax Suspension supply the widest range and highest quality 4WD Suspension and Car Suspension including our own Smart Suspension range and Suspension Kits and. 31.05.2017 · An international motorcycle gang known as the Hooligans pilfered more than 150 Jeeps over a three year period by accessing a proprietary database. Resource of Australian and international legal materials, including a law specific search engine, links, Australian cases, law and other legal matters.